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Schedule & Calendar


The Nature Schools have part-time and full-time programs for our preschool and pre-K learners. Drop-off for our full-time program begins at 7:15. Pick-up may be as late as 5:30. We also have a part-time program that can be attended on Tuesday and Thursday or Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Drop-off for our part-time program begins at 7:15. Pick-up may be as late as 5:30. 


Our kindergarten, first, and second graders may arrive as early as 7:15. Their school day ends at 3:10 and pick-up is from 3:10-3:30. 


Our annual closing dates give our staff a breather during the year. Everyone knows the challenge of this profession and this is our effort to help our staff remain balanced and whole. Tuitions are not prorated during closure. 

May 26-29, 2023-No School - Memorial Day

Jul. 3-4, 2023-No School - Independence Day

Aug. 16, 2023-First day of 23/24 academic year

Sep. 4, 2023- No School: Labor Day

Oct. 5-6, 2023- No School Fall Break

Nov. 22-24, 2023-No School: Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 20, 2023-Jan.3, 2024 No School - Christmas Break

Feb. 12, 2023-No School:Professional Development Day

Apr. 1-5, 2024-No School: Spring Break 

May 24-27, 2024-No School Memorial Day

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