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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a nature school?
    Here’s the best way we could describe a nature school. Check out this video.
  • What does a normal day at The Nature Schools look like?
    The best way is to show you our lesson plans. You can view a sample week here. A day at The Nature School is structured like a typical preschool or primary elementary school day. The biggest difference is we take school outside. Sure, we have a building that we use for arrival, pick-up, and inclement weather but for the most part we’ll be outside. Our lessons are guided by lesson plans and are organized in blocks of time. Our young learners rotate activities throughout their day. Learning at The Nature School will involve components of nature on our farm..
  • When will The Nature Schools, Lexington open?
    We are having a limited opening in the summer of 2023 followed by our full opening in August, 2023.
  • What is the curriculum? Is it Montessori? Will you prepare my early-learner for school in a traditional setting?
    We've been independent education operators for more than 10 years. During that time, we've been inspired by different education philosophies and educational professionals. We don't subscribe to one type of curriculum or a single education philosophy. We believe that academic skills are important and use Kentucky and national standards to guide each lesson plan at The Nature Schools. For example, you will see traditional skills like number sense and phonics in our lessons. Simultaneously, we believe that free play builds curiosity, independence and social development. We believe that when children are encouraged to explore that they will will develop most appropriately. We build multiple types of learning experiences into the curriculum at The Nature Schools. You can view a sample week of lesson plans here.
  • Will there be a chance to tour The Nature Schools?
    We intend to host two group tours at a date to be determined. Please ensure you are on the wait list. Karen Phillips, Director of Admissions, will reach out with more information as those dates are set. In the meantime, you may view this video to catch a sneak peek of our Lexington site.
  • How often are my children outside? How do you maintain safety?
    Our goal is for our students to have rich outdoor experiences. We recognize the need to make safety the highest priority so that these experiences are safe. We use our indoor space when the weather keeps us from being outside. During warm months we will monitor conditions through the use of a wet bulb globe temperature meter. Limitations for outdoor activity are set according to heat readings. Similar strategies are used during cold months. We monitor hydration and exposure to the elements and build risk mitigation strategies around these components at The Nature School.
  • How are children expected to dress for their experience at The Nature School?
    We offer specific guidance for dress during each season of the year. You can expect introductory guidance during your orientation.
  • How many children are in each class?
    Each preschool and Pre-K class has a capacity of 12 children. Kindergarten through 2nd grade has a capacity of 16 children.
  • Will my child nap?
    Per Kentucky early childhood direction, preschool and Pre-K students will be given a rest period once per day. Many students will choose to nap. Others are welcome to use the time as a quiet resting period but remain awake.
  • Is there an option for students beyond 7 years of age, as opposed to going back into a traditional school?
    One of our Richmond sites goes up to 5th grade. We're leaving the door open to do that in Lexington. But for now, our initial plan is to offer preschool-2nd grade.
  • Where is this located?
    We have a Richmond location and Lexington location. We are located at 2066 Lancaster Rd. in Richmond and 5768 Tates Creek Rd. in Lexington. You can view our sites on the locations tab on this website.
  • How do handle weather like heat, snow, or rain?
    When it snows we pull out the sleds and when it rains we put on our boots and rain suits! This isn't absolutely true every time but it's on the table! Safety is our primary concern though. We use a weather chart to govern our outdoor activities. We limit outdoor time in direct sun if the weather is extremely warm. We will not go outside if the weather is too cold. We judge the rain on a case-by-case basis. Our physical facilities are more than capable of hosting us during inclement weather.
  • Is a yearly school calendar available?
    The Nature Schools generally follows the Fayette County Public Schools school calendar. Important dates are listed below: August 16-First day of fall semester September 4-Labor Day, No school October 2-6-Fall Break November 22-24-Thanksgiving break December 20-January 3-Winter break February 12-Professional development day, No school April 1-5-Spring Break
  • How do lunches and snacks work at The Nature Schools?
    Families provide their own snacks and lunches at The Nature Schools.


Find out more about our innovative program and get the answers to all of your questions.


We partner with families to create positive, nature-based learning experiences for young children while fostering an environmental ethic and independence in a safe and transparent setting.

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